Flu, RSV or corona? These are different symptoms

Home page Deutschland Created by: 12/3/2022 5:01 AM Out: Ulrike Hagen Partition Three different viruses – corona, RSV and flu – paralyze Germany. How the symptoms of respiratory diseases differ. Berlin – Severe cough, sore throat, fever and cold – according to the latest data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), seven million Germans are … Read more

Cardiac and Digestive Benefits – Therapeutic Practice

Health benefits of bananas bananas are considered by some people to be hardening foods. Although they contain slightly more calories than some other fruits, they also score in a number of important ways nutrientswhich is important for it among other things Heart and digestion they are. Bananas “are high in nutrients and fiber,” Colleen Spees, … Read more

Barbara Saleschová never wanted to get married

The TV judge breaks with the previous ideal image Therefore, Barbara Saleschová does not have her own family Barbara Salesch lives without a husband and children. Now the TV judge explained why she chose this life model. 1/6 Barbara Salesch has no husband or children. Children, husband and home: This is what the classic family … Read more

11 men, 11 tips for Christmas

3/12/2022, 09:4512/3/2022, 12:32 p.m Rumor has it that people – both women and men – find it hard to give gifts to their male significant other. But maybe this impression is slightly sexist and completely outdated – why should it be easier to give gifts to women?! (Google queries say otherwise.) Still, we asked ourselves: … Read more

DJ Ötzi sings with daughter Lisa-Marie at Florian Silbereisen

Duet in Florian Silbereisen’s Christmas show DJ Ötzi’s daughter Lisa-Marie steps into the spotlight An emotional moment at Florian Silbereisen’s “Advent Festival of 100,000 Lights”: DJ Ötzi performed there together with his daughter and played a well-known song about world peace. This is a big wish for him. 1/10 DJ Ötzi steps into the spotlight … Read more

The Consumer Center is looking for affected persons for a class action » Travel-Dealz.de

Anyone who regularly books flights through third-party providers knows this problem: The website initially advertises particularly low prices, but then when paying, a surprise comes: after entering the credit card details, the ticket is suddenly 30 euros more expensive. Indeed, the German Civil Code (Section 312a para. 4) stipulates that a consumer always has at … Read more

ECB Warns Crypto: ‘Bitcoin’s Last Gasp’

ECB warns against cryptocurrency “This Is Bitcoin’s Last Gasp” Cryptocurrencies continue to make negative headlines. Now even the European Central Bank is launching a real full-scale attack on Bitcoin. 1/4 For the ECB, the market value of Bitcoin is based only on speculation. Everyone who has invested their money in cryptocurrencies is going through hard … Read more