Austria’s Sorschag causes an uproar by changing nations

“Unfortunately, the door is closed”

Ösi ski jumper causes a stir with the change of nations

Sophie Sorschag is just at the beginning of her career. Now she is forced to take an unplanned step. Because Austria kicked them out of the squad.


Sophie Sorschag will no longer fly to Austria.

Excitement in the Austrian ski jumping team.

Sophie Sorschag (23), the 2021 world team champion, no longer wants to start for Austria. Reason? They kicked her off the team. “Unfortunately, the door is closed in Austria,” says “Krone”. «27. In April, I was completely unprepared to be expelled from the association. Because of this, and because I want to continue playing the sport I love, I had to apply for a change of nationality.” He has no other option if he does not want to end his career.

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