As a workout: Fitness influencer has sex twice a day

Ruth TVs turns fun into training! The Brazilian has made a name for herself as a fitness influencer in recent years. The blonde documents her intensive training via social networks and proudly presents her tight body to her followers. Rear Ruth Sweaty Sport Units also have a goal: she wants a mini waist and a mega butt! And regular sex is also part of the training program!

Once again daily star reports, sets Ruth actually mostly on hot yoga and a strict diet to shape her buttocks by nearly 100cm and to keep her waistline as small as possible. But another “sport” is also very useful to him: Ruth swear by the shepherd’s hour! “Having sex twice a day is like an hour on the treadmill. I can burn 400 more calories without fainting like I’m running. It’s worth it.”explained the beauty.

Ruth already has the title of flattest stomach on himself instagram to forgive. But not all platform users agree with the South American’s attitude – the 26-year-old even gets a lot of hateful comments because of it! That’s why she has now disabled the comment function.

Ruth Teles in a bikini, May 2020
Ruth Teles, Fitness-Influencer
Ruth Teles, Fitness-Influencer

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