Artificial insemination: Unfulfilled baby wish – mother Paris Hilton suffers more than her daughter


Artificial fertilizationUnfulfilled baby wish – Paris Hilton’s mother suffers more than her daughter

So far, fans have waited in vain for pregnancy news from the hotel heiress. But Paris is confident – unlike her mother.

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“It breaks my heart because I know they tried over and over again,” Kathy Hilton says of her daughter Paris’ unfulfilled desire to have children.


“I don’t know where she got it from,” the hotel heiress said of her mother’s fears, which she says she doesn’t share.


In November 2021, It-Girl and entrepreneur Carter Reum said yes.

In November 2021, It-Girl and entrepreneur Carter Reum said yes.


Paris Hilton (41) wants to be a mother – and has been for a long time. She found the right man by her side. In November 2021, It-Girl and businessman Carter Reum (41) said yes. Only the descendants haven’t worked out yet. A circumstance that is especially difficult for Paris’ mother, Kathy Hilton. “It breaks my heart because I know they tried it over and over again,” the 63-year-old said in an interview with…E! News”. She gave her daughter one piece of advice: “I always say, ‘Relax.’ There are so many people who struggle with this, and it just doesn’t happen.”

But Paris is obviously not that desperate, on the contrary. In an interview with TMZ says the hotel heiress is very positive, her IVF is underway and she has had enough eggs frozen. “I don’t know where she got that from,” Paris said of her mother’s statements. According to the celebrity portal, it sounded like the couple was just “waiting for the right time”. It is not known when that should be.

twins plus one girl

However, one thing is clear: Paris has very specific family plans, which she will introduce in the summer of 2021 in the TV show “Entertainment Tonight» revealed. “I can’t wait to have children in 2022,” the hotel heiress said at the time. she i hope he gets the girl and then call it London. “I love Paris and London together,” Hilton said. The hotel heiress also announced that she will be relying on artificial insemination and therefore twins, a boy and a girl. So the three children should complete their happiness with Reum.

The joy that Paris’s younger sister Nicky Rothschild (38) and her husband James Rothschild (37) have already experienced. Baby number three was born in July this year. “We are now officially five,” Nicky wrote on Instagram.

A good practice base for Paris, who said of herself: “One day I will be the best mother in the world!” As a nanny, at least according to her sister, she should be doing an excellent job. So Nicky said of her children’s relationship with Aunt Paris: “They love her!”

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