Antonia Hemmerová and Patrick Romer are separating

Former “Bauer sucht Frau” couple Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer split up. One of the reasons given is “public pressure”.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer have split up.
  • The two met and fell in love with “Bauer sucht Frau”.

It was already hinted when they attended the last season of “Summer House of the Stars” together, now it’s official: Antonia Hemmer, 22, and Patrick Romer, 26, have split!

The two met and fell in love on the RTL dome show “Bauer sucht Frau”.

The two released a joint statement on Instagram. The reason for the breakup is: “Unfortunately, our relationship could not withstand the pressure of the public and the countless speculations of the last weeks.”

In doing so, one “kept hope to the last,” which “emerged stronger from this crisis.” And this despite “the many ups and downs that accompanied our relationship”.

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer fought on TV

The mentioned ups and downs could already be observed in the “cottage” season. Both won the “Battle of Celebrity Couples” in October 2022.

But Patrick also became the hated character of the season with his toxic behavior towards his now ex-girlfriend. He yelled at them and insulted them in the games. When she did not perform satisfactorily, he gave her the cold shoulder in the interior. That’s why it was down with the audience.

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