An entire village in Spain is for sale

There are also apartments, a swimming pool, a school and barracks

Salto de Castro is looking for a buyer

It has been abandoned for decades and offers emigrants the maximum potential for self-realization. Yet the Spanish village of Salto de Castro just can’t find anyone who wants it. Not even at a bargain price.


It is available for 260,000 francs: the Spanish village of Salto de Castro.


Ulrich Rotzingereconomic chief

The owner only wants 260,000 francs for Salto de Castro. It is not a family house, but a complete village. With a dream location and lots of nature, in the Spanish province of Zamora – about three hours by car from Madrid.

“The owner dreamed of building a hotel here, but the project was put on hold,” Romuald Rodríguez of Royal Invest, which is organizing the sale for the owner, told the BBC. The sale of a property or village is advertised on the Idealista website. The owner writes: “I’m selling because I’m a city person and I can’t take care of the maintenance of the village.” According to various media, he is apparently over 80 years old.

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