An awkward encounter with Barack Obama

Arthur Honegger reported from the US for SRF for ten years. He probably won’t forget the meeting with then-President Barack Obama.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • SRF puppet Arthur Honegger hosts “10vor10”.
  • He used to be an American correspondent.
  • He still remembers the meeting with Barack Obama well.

Arthur Honegger (43) was an American correspondent for SRF for eight years. Barack Obama (61) was president then. Davoser will probably never forget meeting him…

The meeting was “more personal than expected,” the 43-year-old begins the anecdote for “Faces and Stories.” At the UN General Assembly in New York, Swiss television was exclusively allowed to film the meeting between Joseph Deiss (76) and Obama.

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Arthur Honegger filmed Obama going to the bathroom

When Obama entered the room, Honegger instructed his cameraman, “Film everything, every movement, because we need as much footage as possible of the meeting.”

After the meeting, the American president got up and went to another room. Honegger and his cameraman continued filming. “We didn’t see what room he went to,” the journalist recalls.

When Obama returned a few minutes later, he walked right up to them and said, “Yeah, you just filmed me going to the bathroom.” oops!

“A bit embarrassing,” laughs Arthur Honegger. “But I think he has forgiven us.

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