American singer Cher is dating a man 40 years younger


Cher walked at Paris Fashion Week in late September.

“Love doesn’t know math,” says Cher, 76. When the singer was spotted holding hands with 40-year-old music producer Alexander Edwards (36) a few days ago, the first rumors of love appeared. Cher has now confirmed it. She met Edwards at Paris Fashion Week. He treated her “like a queen”. A: “We are very close, we talk about everything!” They are very happy, the big age difference wouldn’t bother anyone.

Alexander Edwards was previously known primarily for his relationship with singer Amber Rose (39). Together with her, he has a son, Slash (3). In August, Rose accused him of having affairs “with twelve different women” during the relationship. Edwards then admitted to cheating. When Cher was asked about this fact on her social channels, she replied: “I’m in love, but I’m not blind to love!”

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