Already in 2019 problems with children’s chocolate sweets

Ferrero reportedly had issues with its chocolate candies as early as 2019. In one variety, reviewers had apparently complained about the powdered milk used due to possible health risks.

The Italian confectionery manufacturer Ferrero reportedly had hygiene issues with its chocolate bons product as early as 2019. Back then, it was all about the Crispy variety, as a longtime Ferrero manager reported to the news magazine “Der Spiegel”.

Chocolate Bons Crispy: testers warned of health risks

In 2019, Ferrero wanted to sell the Crispy chocolate vouchers, which were already produced at low prices in India for the local market, via Italy throughout Europe. However, when the first batches arrived in European warehouses, state inspectors objected to Indian milk powder: there could be health risks.

According to the manager, Ferrero got “cold feet”. What had already been delivered could still have been sold. The rest was destroyed in the camps or distributed to the workforce.

For Ferrero, this information is “extremely surprising”. The company wanted to review them, she told ‘Der Spiegel’ when asked.

Salmonella in chocolates and other Ferrero products

Ferrero is currently making headlines due to the Salmonella findings. All chocolate products made by Ferrero in a factory in Belgium Had to call the company back. It is the first time in the company’s 76-year history “that we have faced a problem of this magnitude”, the group said. Consumer advocates are critical that Ferrero only recalled the products in April 2022, although a salmonella infection had already been discovered in mid-December 2021.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and EU health authority (ECDC) have now linked 150 cases of salmonella to Ferrero chocolate products from the Belgian factory. The cases occurred in nine countries, including Germany and France. The majority of Salmonella infections therefore occur in children under the age of ten.

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