Almklausi and Maritta separate after 10 years

The “Summer House” curse strikes again

Love from Almklausi and Maritta after ten years

The marriage of Almklausi and Maritta Krehlová fell apart. Singer Ballermann’s wife confirmed the breakup.


Maritta Krehl and Almklausi broke up.

Everything is over between Almklausi (53) and his wife Maritta Krehl (36). Singer Ballermann and his wife have been a couple for ten years, and in 2015 the former “Summer House of the Stars” contestants said yes. Krehl has now confirmed the split on Instagram.

“Dear, after you keep asking me about the status quo of my marriage, I want to finally give you some clear wine. Yes, a few weeks ago I separated from Almklausi and since then I have been going my own way, which makes me and my children very happy,” she writes. Almklausi and Maritta Krehl became the parents of a son in 2018. Lauri had to be removed by caesarean section in the 26th week of pregnancy. He is physically disabled. Krehl also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

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