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The miracle berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) is said to be a popular party accompaniment or cure for loss of appetite due to Covid.

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Miracle BerryThis miracle berry is considered a cure for Covid and a crazy party ingredient

Miracle Berry affects taste, is said to help people suffering from Covid and provides a lot of fun at parties.

Samantha Maxwell, author of the food channel in the magazine “Paste”, in one of her articles, states how she learned about the Miracle Berry (German: Wunderbeere): She had Covid and then lost her sense of taste – not exactly ideal as a food – editor.

Does the berry bring back the flavor?

“I learned that some Covid patients were experimenting with the fruit of a plant native to West Africa called Synsepalum dulcificum. In the past, it was given to cancer patients whose sense of taste was impaired by chemotherapy,” Maxwell said.

When the pandemic began, the fruit, also known as the Miracle Berry, began to be used more to help Covid patients regain their appetite. Because the berry has a lot on it.

Sour becomes sweet

Also Video maker Ashyi tests the Miracle Berry on Instagram and in the video he is fascinated by what it does to the taste buds: it makes the sour lemon taste sweet. In fact, this is one of their most distinctive features.

The secret of this property is the glycoprotein Miraculin. One of the scientific theories about how the Miracle Berry protein turns taste on its head is this: When Miraculin enters the mouth, it binds to the receptors responsible for the sweet taste.

When eating acidic food, the pH value decreases and the structure of the macromolecule changes, explains scientist Dr. Linda Bartoshuk of the University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste.

This stimulates the receptors, activates the nervous system and gives the brain a heavenly sweet taste. Even spicy Tabasco sauce is said to taste more like maple syrup thanks to the miracle berry.

Synsepalum dulcificum is the name of a plant known for its miracle berry.

Synsepalum dulcificum is the name of a plant known for its miracle berry.

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Miracle berries in the party scene

It’s no surprise that Miracle Berry quickly took off on the New York party scene. 2008 announced “New York Times” for the first time about the so-called taste and flavor parties where berries are used: At a rooftop party in Long Island City, guests pay $15 to enter, then receive small red berries and are allowed to eat over the buffet.

Only the pulp is separated from the pulp by the teeth and moves in the mouth. Brussels sprouts, beer, citrus wedges, cheese and tequila – all the foods on offer are said to have subsequently produced very unusual aromas. Limes suddenly taste like candied fruit, vinegar like apple juice, goat cheese like cheesecake.

“You kept hearing oh, oh, oh,” says party organizer Mr. Aliquo. After that, the guests “literally became wild animals that ate everything on the table.” Those interested can visit his website Check out Flavortripping.wordpress.

Why is the berry so unknown?

A berry that makes everything taste sweet – that could become very popular, right? In the 1970s, the Miralin company really wanted Miraculin approved as a sugar substitute. rumors and article from «However, according to Huffpost, Miralin was pushed out of the market by big sugar companies – including bribes.

Do you still want to try it? The fruits are available online under the search term Synsepalum dulcificum in tablet form, as pure fruit, freeze-dried or even as plant seeds.

Ten freeze-dried miracle berries from Wunderbeere Shop, approx. 16 Fr., at

Ten freeze-dried miracle berries from the Wunderbeere Shop, approx. 16 Fr

Is Miracle Berry dangerous?

Not everyone likes the long-lasting effects of the berry, which itself tastes slightly sweet, with firm flesh and bitter seeds. Many would like to get the “old feeling” back in their mouth after a short period of time. However, Dr Bartoshuk assures after investigation that he is not aware of any danger associated with the consumption of miracle fruits.

However, it is debatable whether it really helps to regain the sense of taste that has been lost due to Covid. But if you don’t dare, you don’t win.

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