Alfa Romeo wants to keep sixth place – Surer: “It’s really about money” – Sport

Alfa Romeo wants to keep sixth place – Surer: “It’s really about money” – Sport – SRF

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Ahead of the Brazilian GP, ​​SRF commentator Oliver Sittler and expert Marc Surer assess the starting position.

This weekend in Brazil (Interlagos) and next week in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) the final decisions on the Formula 1 World Championship will be made. And from the Swiss point of view, they have it all. Alfa Romeo still has a mini-cushion of 4 points on Aston Martin with “Brazil expert” Sebastian Vettel (3 wins) in the Constructors’ classification.

SRF expert Marc Surer explains how important it is to defend 6th place for the Hinwil racing team: “6. place brings in 10 million more than 7th place. It’s really about the money.”

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Watch the Brazilian GP on SRF like this:

  • Saturday, 19:55, and Sport App: sprint race
  • Sunday, 18:45, info SRF, later SRF two: the main race

Ahead of the two races at Interlagos, Surer and SRF commentator Oliver Sittler also address the following topics (see video above):

  • Distance: Short, technically demanding, unpredictable, but with many opportunities for overtaking manoeuvres.
  • Weather: Brazil in November, wet GP guaranteed?
  • Ferrari Weaknesses: After the flawed GP in Mexico, the “Scuderia” is feeling the morning air again, says Surer: “You will be able to go full power again, which was not possible in Mexico due to the altitude.”

SRF info, sportlive, 11/11/2022, 19:55;

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