Aldi: because of the explosion in food prices, customers are panicking

Aldi: shopping becomes more expensive – customers go to the barricades: “cheeky”

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The fat hamster has been popular again for weeks. At the same time, food prices continue to rise due to the war in Ukraine and inflation. Even with Aldi.

However, a price increase of Aldi can’t understand customers at all anymore and it’s all about the oil.

Aldi: Anger over rising oil prices – appalled customers

On the contrary, they are even pissed at the discounter.

The prices of sunflower oil in particular make some customers doubt that all is still well. That’s why they complain directly to Aldi.

  • “4.99 euros for sunflower oil… what nerve…”
  • “4.99 sunflower oil, aren’t you ashamed to enjoy it?
  • “I bought some salad oil at Aldi yesterday! Stand in the bottom row. Accessed automatically. Yet, for such an exorbitant price to be asked in the discounter, especially for an oil in plastic bottles, c “is amazing! I’ll keep an eye on the price in the future! But I reduced the exclusive salad oil to 4.99 euros! I think that’s beyond cheeky!!!!”

However, the discounter giant has an explanation for the significant increase in the price of oil. However, this does not satisfy the customers at all.

“We can understand the anger about this. Unfortunately, the various challenges that have existed in recent months and which have become even more important affect the purchase prices. We bear the additional costs ourselves as long as possible, but if this is no longer possible, we must adjust the sales prices. If purchase prices fall again, this will also have a corresponding effect,” says Aldi.


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There is a similar response to the reaction of an angry customer who noticed that the mixed ground meat has also become much more expensive.

Minced meat and other products are also affected

“The biggest ‘challenge’ seems to be making arbitrary price increases for individual products acceptable to customers with flimsy oracles. If minced meat is cheaper at the trusted butcher than at the discounter, you have to think about it…”, complains the customer.

The fact that food prices have increased in all areas and will probably continue to do so is also observed for milk and butter. (fb)

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