After the cessation of deliveries: the big manufacturers return to the Rewe shelves

Manufacturer stops deliveries to Rewe

After the announcement of a delivery stop around two weeks ago, Rewe customers can now breathe a sigh of relief: Wine manufacturer Württemberger Weingärtnerzentralgenossenschaft (WZG) is bringing its products back to supermarket shelves. After initially unsuccessful price negotiations, the two parties have now reached an agreement.

The Württemberg Weingärtner Zentralgenossenschaft (WZG) had stopped deliveries to supermarket giant Rewe on April 1. Negotiations on a price increase of around five percent had failed, which is why the wines should disappear from the Rewe range.

However, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports that the WZG supply stop has been lifted. This was apparently also confirmed by company director Uwe Kämper when asked.

The WZG range includes the Württemberger Original varietal ranges and the Sweet & Fruity range throughout Germany. The products have so far reached a sales volume of several million bottles each. In addition, several local wines and lager have been listed regionally.

Rewe: WZG wines will be delivered again

Rewe customers no longer have to do without WZG wines.
Rewe customers no longer have to do without WZG wines.

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At the request of the LZ, the WZG pointed out that the delivery stop was supported by all full and partial delivery member cooperatives. It was the first delivery stop in the company’s history, which at least briefly ended a supply relationship with Rewe that had existed for decades. The WZG board pointed out that due to its own cost increases, it saw no other option.

Also interesting: Rewe customers, among others, have been informed of a recall for a few days. High levels of photoinitiators were detected in a batch of Notos sheep cheese. Consumption of the products may cause kidney and liver damage. Find out more here.

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