After Roche’s research debacle: A major disappointment in Alzheimer’s patients

After Roche’s research debacle

A big disappointment for Alzheimer’s patients

Roche’s Alzheimer’s therapy fails in clinical trials. This is very disappointing, especially for affected patients.


No quick cure for patients.


Christian KolbeEditor Economics

It is a major setback for everyone affected: for Roche and above all for the approximately 150,000 dementia patients in Switzerland, two-thirds of whom suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The pharmaceutical company had to announce on Monday that its research into Alzheimer’s disease did not bring the desired success. The active substance “gantenerumab” really could not delay the course of the disease. The pharmaceutical giant can cope with shares falling as much as 5 percent on the Swiss stock market because its pipeline is pretty well filled with drugs and therapies for other diseases.

The result of the study is all the more devastating for the other victims. “It is always a big disappointment for patients, their families and doctors when a drug trial does not go as expected,” explains Stefanie Becker (55), director of the Swiss Alzheimer’s Association.

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