After a second divorce: Kaley Cuoco never wants to remarry again

Kaley Cuoco (36) will probably never set foot in front of the altar again. In 2018, the actress married her partner Karl Cook (31) – in September last year, however, the two announced that they wanted to divorce again. It’s not the blonde’s first divorce either: the relationship with her first husband Ryan Sweeting (34) was dissolved in 2016. After their failed marriages, the beauty has now made a decision: She never wants to get married again!

In an interview with Charm the 36-year-old has revealed she has no plans to renew her wedding vows. “I will never remarry again. I would like to have a long term relationship. But I will never remarry again. Absolutely not”fame The Big Bang Theory has been very clear.

But why break up Kaley and Charles Actually? At that time, the ex-couple justified the love as follows: “Despite our deep love and respect for each other, we have found that our current paths lead us in different directions.” In the statement, among others People was available, they revealed that they made the decision together.

Kaley Cuoco, actress
Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook in Los Angeles in November 2019
Kaley Cuoco, 2019

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