Adele criticized for broadcasting diva in Las Vegas show

A luxury hotel is not enough for her

Adele shocks diva airs

Adele is currently on stage in Las Vegas. In addition to her premiere, the musical diva broadcasts and gets people talking.


Adele is on stage in Las Vegas.

Superstar Adele (34) shows her laid-back side. She’s currently on stage in Las Vegas – and apparently things can’t get fancy enough for her in the gambling metropolis. Because even though he’s performing at the legendary Caesars Palace, he doesn’t want to stay there overnight. The singer does not like the luxury suite planned for her, including a personal butler.

Instead, she is set to spend the night at a competitor’s Wynn Fairway villa, according to the “Daily Mail”. A room there costs 3,700 francs per night. But Adele has a lot to offer: an XXL TV, a dining area with a bar and two marble bathrooms, boyfriend Rich Paul (40) and son Angelo (10) are waiting for her. But another point was decided for the change: You can expect more privacy in a luxurious bungalow than in Caesars Palace.

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