A robbery in the villa causes millions of damage

Verona Pooth’s villa was broken into at Christmas. The thieves left behind a loss of millions. In addition, the family still suffers psychologically from the theft.

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When TV presenter Verona Pooth broke into her villa on Christmas Eve, thieves caused damage worth around one million euros. The German press agency found out. The “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” had already reported.

According to the investigation – which is based, among other things, on surveillance videos – a gang of four broke into the Pooth’s house in the Düsseldorf suburb of Meerbusch. Among other things, the burglars took away a safe which they stored in a small family car. According to the police, the safe and the car have not returned to date. The case has since been forwarded to the public prosecutor. A spokeswoman for the agency declined to comment on the extent of the damage.

“You notice it again and again…”

Verona Pooth had told ‘Bild’ newspaper that her ten-year-old son had still not dealt with the deed. “Little Rocco often talks about the robbery,” said the presenter. “Of course he didn’t quite recover from it at the age of ten. You always notice when there’s a creak at home or a noise in the garden, that he calls me everything right away and said to me: ‘Mom, I think so, is someone there…'”

Verona Pooth is still burdened by the burglary four months later. “The emotional loss can’t be put into words. You’re just totally stunned and sad that all your jewelry was stolen. You often imagine where it is.” The family encountered the burglars.

According to information from the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, the National Criminal Police Office is still evaluating DNA traces from the crime scene. This would at least clarify whether he was a serial offender: according to the police, there had been several burglaries in the neighborhood around Christmas. According to information from Pooth, a family friend was caught, among others.

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