A real estate billionaire buys an island in Mallorca

It owns 26,000 apartments

A Norwegian real estate billionaire buys a peninsula in Mallorca

62 million francs is nothing for Ivar Tollefsen. For this “paper handle” he bought a peninsula in Mallorca. It was first used militarily 350 years ago. Today it is known for luxurious weddings.


Die gefestungte Halbinsel in Fortalesa in Port de Pollença.

Ivar Tollefsen (61) is a war horse. In 2009, he finished fourth in the Dakar Rally with a Nissan Navara. The Norwegian has already undertaken various Antarctic expeditions. His greatest passion: first ascents.

He is tough professionally. He deals in real estate with his Swedish company Heimstaden. But in reality! It owns 26,000 apartments worldwide. 14,000 properties in the Berlin hotspot alone. Owns 5,000 apartments in Hamburg (D). His tenants, on the other hand, took to the streets. No one believed Heimstaden’s blanket declaration that he would build “tenant-friendly” apartments. They didn’t stand a chance against the mercenary shark.

He bought the peninsula for 62 million

No wonder Tollefsen quickly became a billionaire. He is on the 804th place in the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. His wealth: 5.4 billion CHF. But how does such a rich real estate professional live? On the fortified peninsula of Sa Fortalesa in Port de Pollença. Price? 62 million francs. Favorable offer. A few years ago, the fortress was the most expensive property in Spain at 100 million euros.

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The 350-year-old property is listed and is awaiting extensive reconstruction. So it will probably be a while before Tollefsen moves in. Meanwhile, the peninsula continues to be used for luxury weddings and film shoots. (pb)

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