A new name and a new battery for the pioneer Audi Stromer

Facelift for pioneer Stromer: Audi Q8 E-Tron revealed

New name, new battery

The new electric platform for the next-generation Stromer is still a long time coming at Audi. Audi’s first electric model, called the E-Tron, is therefore now being upgraded with new assistants and a bigger battery – and even the name has changed!


Audi’s first electric model called the E-Tron was introduced in 2018 and is now getting a technological update and a new name.

Never change the model name! This is one of the unwritten rules in the automotive world. For example, Toyota once had to pay on sales when the world bestseller Corolla was renamed Auris in Europe for two generations. Lesson learned – today the compact model is called Corolla again. Therefore, it could be a huge mistake if Audi’s first electric car called E-Tron gets a new name from February 2023.

But it probably isn’t – the change even seems overdue. Because all Stromers in the Audi program have had the E-Tron addition for a long time. It is high time to finally include the former electric pioneer in the model ranking, alongside which he has been riding until now. As the Q8 E-Tron or Q8 E-Tron Sportback for the flat-top version, it now stands alongside the flagship SUV, the Q8. It has so far deviated from the nomenclature, but not from the sales figures: from January 2019 to October 2022, around 3,400 units were sold in Switzerland – more than the two competitors Mercedes EQC (around 1,350) and Jaguar I-Pace (around 1,100) in the same period together. Around 150,000 copies have hit the streets around the world so far.

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