A man finds a million dollar check – and gets a six-pack of Haribo

A 38-year-old man recently made an incredible discovery at the train station in Niederrad, Germany (Frankfurt am Main): He found a check for millions. It was published by the German supermarket chain Rewe for the manufacturer of gummy bears Haribo. “There was such a large amount on it that I couldn’t even pronounce it,” said the finder Newspaper “Bild”. The amount was 4,631,538.80 euros.

He then sent an email to the company. There he learned that it was only a crossed check. “Since it was a crossed cheque, no one but our company could cash it,” a Haribo employee told the “Bild” daily.

The company’s lawyer asked the man to send a photo of the find and destroy the check. A few days later he received a thank you note from the company: the honest one, packed in a cardboard box Finder six large bags with the popular Haribo gummy bears. This is a standard package the company sends as a thank you, the company says. The finder, who thought he had saved the company a loss of millions, was disappointed: “I found it a bit shabby,” he told “Bildu”.

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