A lot of criticism because of her monogram with a crown

Meghan Markle is under fire again, this time for her monogram with a crown. The expert is sure that he is only using it for demonstration purposes.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Meghan Markle’s monogram is a golden M with a crown.
  • She is criticized for this, after Royal Aus she should not use the symbol.
  • It’s just for show, says a royal expert.

First the monogram of King Charles (73) caused trouble, now Meghan Markle (41). The former American actress uses a symbol that critics say she should no longer use: the crown.

Meghan sent author Allison Yarrow a thank you card for appearing on the Archetypes podcast, which she shared on Instagram. Above the handwritten message is Meghan’s monogram: a gold M with a crown. And that’s what excites people in London.

“She’s just using the crown, even if it’s pulled away,” royal expert Angela Levin told The Sun. Meghan Markle doesn’t want to be in, she doesn’t want to be out. “He wants to do exactly what he wants. A royal renegade should no longer use the crown.

Levin believes he knows the reason why Meghan continues to use the crown: “Because it gives her prestige, so she keeps the titles.” People would think more of her if she had a title and wore a crown. It’s a “fantastic little political helper,” Levin said. But a royal expert says: “It’s really just for show.”

She’s still railing against Meghan Markle: The Royals would make her “one of the most famous women and incredibly rich if she had a husband who adores her.” Yet Meghan does not show “an iota of gratitude”.

Do you think the criticism of the crown on Meghan’s monogram is justified?

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