A Japanese mother urges her nine-year-old daughter to undergo plastic surgery


Rucchi’s mother urged her nine-year-old daughter Micchi to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery for a nine-year-old? It sounds crazy – but it actually happened in Japan. A woman named Rucchi actually took her daughter Micchi to a cosmetic doctor because she didn’t like the girl’s eyes. According to “Vice” magazine, the child had one eyelid. However, in Asian countries, double eyelids would often be considered the ideal of beauty.

In order to spare her own daughter the feeling of “not being pretty”, the mother urged her daughter to undergo surgery. Because she herself suffered a lot from her monolid in her childhood, she says in the article. Her sister had a double lid and therefore always stood in her shadow. Until she underwent surgery herself at the age of 18.

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