A cozy offspring of Taurus

The descendant of Taurus belongs to the ascendant of Scorpio.

© Getty Images/Tanya Syrytsyna

are you with Ascendant Scorpio on yours too Descendants Interest? You can find out how to do it here Trails your love life and your Relation ships influenced.

Your ascendant was k time of your birth your real zodiac sign, so it has a powerful effect your character and your way of life A. The Descendant is the Zodiac Sign opposite your Zodiac Ascendant. He is worth it Characteristicsthat you have seen so far not perform he could and you in interpersonal relationships can find others. Ideally, you are looking for people with a Scorpio ascendant Taurus energy in the sign of the zodiac or the ascendant.

Your Scorpio Ascendant allows you to excel in all areas of life passionate, emotional and deep. you don’t have time for that half things and would like one permanent relationship to your soul mate. So that feelings do not boil over, you have a Taurus descendant by your side. he teaches you calm and relaxed stay and live easier gain weight That’s what you bring spontaneity and variety to the balanced existence of the bull.

Like perfect Ascendant-Descendant-Pair causes two zodiac signs to follow the same needs have in partnership:

  1. Forever: You both believe in true love and fight for your relationship, even when it’s hard. This can last a lifetime.

  2. Intimacy and sensuality: Despite the long-term relationship, you don’t forget to be physically together and still come up with new ideas in bed.

  3. Safe Space: You are only too happy to create this for each other. Because trust, security and support are especially important to you.

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