A child cut out of the womb – a death sentence for a woman


Texas (USA)Child cut from womb – Taylor Parker, 29, sentenced to death

A Texas jury had to decide on a gruesome murder under bizarre circumstances. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the convict wanted to give the baby away. Neither the child nor his mother survived.

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Taylor Parker cut her boyfriend Reagan Hancock’s baby out of her womb.


The twenty-nine-year-old was sentenced to death for this.

The twenty-nine-year-old was sentenced to death for this.


Parker wanted to pass off the child as her own.

Parker wanted to pass off the child as her own.


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  • Taylor Parker cut her boyfriend Reagan Hancock’s baby out of her womb.

  • The death penalty was therefore imposed on 29-year-old Parker.

  • The victim and his unborn child did not survive the horrific act.

A jury in the US state of Texas has sentenced a woman to death who killed her pregnant friend A child cut from the body and thereby killed mother and child. A jury in Bowie County made its decision Wednesday (local time) after about an hour of deliberation, the “Texarkana Gazette” reported. In October, a jury found 29-year-old Taylor Parker guilty of brutally killing 21-year-old Reagan Hancock in order to take her unborn child and pass him off as his own.

The victim’s body was found on October 9, 2020, at his home in New Boston, a small town about 160 miles northeast of Dallas. A 3-year-old daughter was also in the home when her mother was killed, according to court records.

She faked ultrasound appointments

That same day, Parker was pulled over by a police officer for speeding and driving erratically, according to the indictment. At the time, she told the clerk that she had just given birth. The child was taken to an Oklahoma hospital where he was pronounced dead. Prosecutors accused the 29-year-old of playing a pregnant woman to tie up her boyfriend. She even faked ultrasound appointments and celebrated a so-called gender discovery party, a celebration held in America where expectant parents reveal the gender of their unborn child to their guests.

In closing arguments, prosecutor Kelley Crisp showed the jury a crime scene photo of the blood-soaked victim on the floor of the house. Parker should be sentenced to death because she is dangerous, Crisp argued. A pregnant woman was not only ripped from the womb. The victim suffered hundreds of stab wounds and punches.

Parker’s attorney, Jeff Harrelson, argued that the words could be used to dehumanize others. People’s lives are complex and have “shades of gray,” he said, looking at his client and, “She’s human.”

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