7 vs. Wild: That’s worth the Fritz Meinecke show

Youtube format goes to the extreme

A star streamer almost drowned on a survival show

The survival show “7 vs. Wild” is currently causing a sensation: the show is viewed online millions of times. Participants are taking a huge risk.


Streamer Knossi almost drowned while filming “7 vs. Wild”.


Remo BurnettEditor of People

This show pushes the boundaries: V «7 vs. Wild» seven candidates are abandoned for a week in the wilds of Panama and are there completely alone. Apart from one wild card winner, all influencers from Germany and Austria are participating.

In the YouTube show of the adventurer Fritz Meinecke (33, 2.5 million YouTube subscribers), one searches in vain for the feeling of a jungle camp. Instead of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” do not move candidates to a pre-established camp with a toilet and fire pit. Instead, they’re each dropped off in a single location far from civilization—and, based on their previous knowledge, they’re carrying nothing more than a machete, a first aid kit, and an emergency button. In addition, each participant is equipped with camera equipment to be able to film.

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