“7 vs. Wild” fans celebrate Knossi for this crazy action

Knossi at 7 vs Wild

When you’re on a survival reality show and you’re driven by nicotine addiction…Screenshot: YouTube

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Knossi is the “7 vs. Wild” candidate from whom fans have the least expectations. The Twitch star was allowed to take a total of seven support items to Panama and had to deal with an injury after a short time. But Knossi held on. In the current sixth episode, he gets really creative to satisfy his nicotine addiction – and fans are celebrating online.

What happened?

The night is particularly difficult for Knossi in the episode, the 36-year-old can’t close his eyes. Still in the dark, he fantasized about his next cigarette, which he would like to enjoy in the morning. “I’ve been looking forward to this bugger all night and I hope I get something,” he said to the camera shortly afterwards.

However, there is one problem: the rainy weather. Knossi has to worry that the water from above might ruin his cigarette before he even takes a drag. Still, he takes risks.

However, lighting a cigarette without a lighter is not so easy. But Knossi is creative—and he simply uses a palm tree trunk as a tool (“So here’s my lighter”). It works. “It kicks in,” says the Internet star with satisfaction after the first few moves.

Fans celebrate Knossi – and laugh at Joris

Knossi makes a great impression on fans with the event and celebrates it in the comments below the clip. Many also take the opportunity to mention Joris, who has struggled to get fired up at all from the start – while absolute show outsider Knossi seems to pull it off without a hitch. A similar image appears on Twitter.

In any case, one thing is certain: Knossi is at least the winner of hearts after the first parts of “7 vs. Wild”, while, for example, the show’s co-founder Fritz Meinecke is increasingly unpopular.

In the Q&A session, he complained about his poor place, even though he made it into the favorites – so he’s on the way with only an auxiliary item. As fans on Youtube suspect, Fritz ends up not winning the format and excuses himself that Otto had much better conditions on the island. The resolution will not be available until December 28th.

«7 vs. Wild» – a reality show about survival delights the Internet

Participants of “7 vs. Wild Panama”


Participants of “7 vs. Wild Panama”

quelle: screenshot: youtube

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