7 signs of true love!

Educated people can provide them with assurance

Most of us know it: the first date. We get dressed, put on something nice and go. To a restaurant, to the cinema, for a walk in the park. You will immediately find your date likable, you will have a good conversation and you will notice how you take him to heart. But then comes uncertainty! Does he like me too? Suddenly you start thinking. You should be clairvoyant and be able to easily see what he or she is thinking.

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Understand body language signals

You can of course ask about it and talk about it. But let’s be honest: not everyone can do it. That’s why here are 7 tips to tell if your date is having fun from your facial expressions and gestures.

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From a psychological point of view, the facial expressions, gestures and posture of men and women are quite similar. If you want to understand your counterpart on a non-verbal level, you should pay special attention to the following points:

  • eyes
  • Mouth
  • The direction of the legs or feet
  • Arm pose

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1. Eye contact

You probably know this yourself: If you find a man or woman attractive, you would like to keep looking at them. It shouldn’t turn into a stare, of course, but if you notice your date constantly looking at you, that’s a good sign. According to a study by University College London, the optimal length of eye contact between two strangers is a good 3 seconds. After that, it gets annoying. However, if the eye contact between you lasts longer, it shows that your counterpart is either aggressive (which we’re not assuming here), or your date trusts you and is seeking your attention.

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2. Posture

A simple but good indicator to show interest or someone to date. When something or someone interests us and we feel comfortable, we turn our whole body towards the other person. The position opens, the feet and toes are turned towards the person. A man also likes to stand up to show his size.

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3. A smile that comes from the heart

There is nothing like a sincere, hearty laugh. It’s not just women who like to smile on a date and laugh at basically every joke they make. Even men have a hard time resisting a constant grin when they have butterflies in their stomachs. Although on average they smile less than women. Here it is important: only if the smile is visible up to the eyes – ie, the famous laugh lines are formed – it is a sincere smile that shows affection.

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4. Relaxed voice

Also pay attention to your date’s voice. Does he speak in a soft, gentle voice? Then you’re in luck, because relaxation and attractiveness are reflected here as well. Unless of course you are in the middle of the dance floor with loud music. The conversation is a bit more complicated anyway.

5. Dilated pupils

Another reason to look deep into your date’s eyes: check their pupils. They widen when we like something and narrow when we want distance. However, recognizing dilated pupils is not so easy. It can also be caused by many factors, such as the dim light or the delicious food that is just arriving. Dark eyes also generally have a harder to identify pupil. It’s still worth looking at because we can’t consciously control the pupils, so you can trust that it’s an honest indication.

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6. Proximity and physical contact

The distance we find comfortable – especially with strangers – has a lot to do with relevant social norms. In this country, it is usually at least 1.20 meters, which we observe as a distance from each other (except for social distancing). Only those who are intimately familiar to us can go below this distance and approach. So if your date leans in your direction and repeatedly seeks your proximity, you can tell that he likes you.

An increase in proximity seeking is physical contact. A “random” stripe on the sleeve, a little nudge at a particularly good joke or lint removal. All this tells you: your date is inside you! On the other hand, you can of course let your date know you’re interested. However, you should not overdo it.

7. Only eyes for you

If we like someone, we automatically pay more attention to them. We notice many details and also small changes. Did he notice your new clothes? Have you been complimented on your hairstyle or have you just noticed that you are not doing so well today? These are also signs that your crush has his eye on you – and maybe true love is sitting right across from you.

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Psychology versus gut feeling?

All this may seem a bit challenging and psychological to one or the other. But science is really just confirming what you may already suspect from your famous gut feeling. Still, reading people – especially the opposite sex – takes practice at first, but over time you’ll get the hang of it and maybe even enjoy understanding small gestures and expressions.

However, don’t forget to enjoy the date while analyzing facial expressions, gestures and body language. After all, getting to know each other is part of the adventure.

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