4 foods that sustainably lower blood sugar

  • Diet is paramount for the whole naturally and blood sugar levels on reduce
  • There are currently more than 8.5 million people with Diabetes
  • Fighting prediabetes: Acting against the early stages of diabetes is important
  • Cinnamon – Miracle healer for blood sugar or rather hands off?

Diabetes causes people to not have their own or not have enough Insulin to produce. This is there to get the sugar from the food into the cells. Although insulin medications well matched, the disabled can take one too high blood sugar Suffer. This manifests itself in symptoms such as exhaustion, lack of concentration and fatigue. TO Prediabetes, i.e. the preliminary stage of diabetes, relatively little attention is paid – unjustly, as scientists from the German Diabetes Center show in the overview. Because prediabetes itself already appears Risk factor of serious secondary diseases be. Cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease, dementia and cancer can result. In addition to medication, diet will helpto prevent jumps in the blood.

Prediabetes and diabetes: Lower your blood sugar with food

Certain foods can contribute to this Lower your blood sugar naturally. Although It is not a substitute for medicationbut sick people can naturally contribute to their own health.

The bottom line here is: Let your doctor do it for you advise individually. He can give you the exact one nutrition plan create one that is tailored to your condition. Dietitians are also trained for this work.

However, to begin with, you can already ensure a balanced and healthy diet and some Food in your integrate the daily menu.

Spices, oils, vegetables: These 5 foods belong to the menu

With a diabetes-friendly diet, you not only lay the foundation for successful diabetes treatment, but also prevent long-term complications, such as clogged arteries.

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It is therefore important for diabetics to structure a eating habits reconsider and through the new replace healthy eating habits. Die recommendation for people with diabetes, they are very similar to the nutritional recommendations for a healthy diet without diabetes.

The easiest way to do this is as follows four foods:

1. Leafy vegetables – low in carbohydrates, i.e. low in sugar

Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and lettuce are high in healthy vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and fiber. In addition, they are low in carbohydrates and calories, so they add little sugar to the blood. In addition, they create a satiating effect because plant fibers are difficult to digest.

Generally applies to vegetables: generally there are no quantity restrictions because vegetables and salads a small amount of sugar own. According to the AOK list, these vegetables have the most sugar per 100 grams:

Beetroot (8.4g), canned corn (7g), sweet potato (5.7g), fresh peas (5.5g) and red pepper (4.2g). For comparison: An apple contains 10 grams of sugar.

2. Fish – proteins and amino acids against heart disease

Fish causes blood sugar levels to rise only slightly and, thanks to its high protein and amino acid content, ensures that it will keep you full for a long time. Sea fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel are ideal, but also lean fish such as trout and cod. Fish with a high fat content is also said to prevent diabetes and heart disease. But be careful: It’s best to avoid feeding around a sea creature.

3. Garlic – reduces cholesterol and thus heart risk

Garlic reduces bad so-called LDL cholesterol and can thus reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, garlic has an anti-inflammatory effect – and it is one of the best Foods that lower blood sugar at all.

4. Olive oil – the best cooking oil for diabetics and pre-diabetics

The oil contains about 70 percent unsaturated fatty acids and also contains many antioxidants. Like garlic, olive oil helps reduce harmful LDL cholesterol. The study also showed that the vegetable oil ensures that blood sugar levels rise less sharply after a meal.

Fact Check Prediabetes and Diabetes: Cinnamon – Softens, Sweetens and Lowers Blood Sugar?

Cinnamon is said to help cells absorb sugar faster and thus lower blood sugar levels. Professor HPT Ammon, who dealt with this in his work, writes there: “To suggest to the patient that he can use [Zimt] to improve their metabolic situation, at least as an adjuvant, is becoming the current standard in the treatment of diabetes unfair.” It misleads patients into not taking the disease and its preliminary stage – prediabetes – seriously and therefore not seeking medical help.

This increases their risk aftermath. “From these points of view guess both the German Diabetes Association and the German Pharmaceutical Society in a joint statement from cinnamon products […]. Some courts have also joined this opinion. Addition: These foods naturally clean your arteries.

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