3:2 nP against home team – Debut victory on Euro Hockey Tour: Swiss surprise Finland – Sport

  • In their Euro Hockey Tour debut, Switzerland defeated hosts Finland 3-2 in a penalty shootout.
  • Patrick Fischer’s team put in a strong performance against the world champions and Olympic champions in Turku.
  • In addition to the goalkeeper Leonardo Genoni, the goal scorer Sven Andrighetto is particularly convincing in the Swiss ranks.

Patrick Fischer was completely satisfied with his team’s first appearance of the season – on the renowned Euro Hockey Tour. Right at the start, the Swiss, Finland, world champion and Olympic champion stood in their way.

Even before the decisive penalty shootout, it was clear: the hockey team in Turku, Finland, managed this difficult task. They looked composed for a large part of the game and had more convincing chances, especially in the first half of the game. And this despite the fact that Fischer’s squad lacked NHL and several NL players.

Genoni as in the best of times

In contrast to recent appearances in the league, Leonardo Genoni in particular was in top form on the Euro Hockey Tour. It wasn’t until the 1:2 goal from the Swiss point of view that Zuger let his shot bounce, otherwise he kept his team in the game several times even in an exhausting three-on-three duel.

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Watch the Swiss matches of the European Hockey Tour in Turku live on SRF on TV and in the Sport app. You can watch the other games in an uncommented online stream.

  • Saturday, 11:30 a.m.: Sweden – Switzerland (SRF two)
  • Saturday, 15:30: Finland – Czech Republic (SRF Sport App)
  • Sunday, 11:30 a.m.: Czech Republic – Switzerland (SRF Two/Info)
  • Sunday, 15:30: Finland vs. Sweden (SRF Sport App)

In the shootout, the 35-year-old fighter crowned his performance and saved four attempts. As two Swiss players, Tyler Moy and Damien Riat, had previously taken advantage, the coup in the far north was sealed after Genoni’s final display.

Finns use numbers

Even in attack, the Swiss were not deterred by an apparently stronger opponent. After only 10 minutes, Sven Andrighetto coolly turned Andres Ambühl’s backhand pass into a corner. After first period stoppage time, the home side were given a penalty by the Swiss, who promptly followed up in the final period after Jere Innala scored to make it 1-1, which was worth seeing.

However, the Swiss did not give up and, in the person of Roger Karrera, scored an equalizer nine minutes before the final siren – and thus saved themselves in the decider.

Switzerland and Sweden will meet already on Saturday (11:30) – again live on SRF. At the start of the tournament in the Czech Republic, the Scandinavians achieved an indisputable victory 4:1. Striker André Petersson won the match with a hat trick.

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