22 cool animal pictures you want to see today

Cute news

everyone up?


Cute news, everyone!

Since our favorite animal pictorial representative is on vacation (again?!), here’s a handful of fun and sweets from Representative Sigrist today.

Sit back and enjoy – and add lots of great pictures and gifs in the comments at the end!

Now that that’s cleared up: Ready, Stable, Animal Fun!

Hello world!

Animated GIFplay gif

Just a reminder, owls are awesome!


They are models!

I had to get rid of it quickly.


When someone tells you Cute News is online:

Bild imgur“/>

You when your boss says you have to work first before you can watch Cute News:

Bild imgur“/>

A little hand massage in between.

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Donkeys get too little credit! Make Donkey Great Again!


This sloth on Böötli. <3

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You always do that too, don’t you?

Anyone like a cute stuffed snake gif?

Click at your own risk. I think it’s cute.



Some privacy please!


A nice reminder that fish are really cute:


At least most.


Above all, he is very funny. And “droll” is the word “droll”.

Look! How lovely!

Bild imgur“/>

Hello, your papers please!


Wait a minute…quick…quick…

Animated GIFplay gif



Ok let’s move on…

Hello horror!

Bild: reddit“/>

Because of the pun. But somehow she’s also really cute.

Time for a nice series of pictures!

Continue below…

Is the bad weather killing you? Butterflies help!


Is the bad weather killing you? Butterflies help!

you: Catersnews // 1128532

Baby Stinky is happy with the apple.


Recently at a wedding…


Groom getting his best man ready for the wedding… One of the best wedding photos ever.

We should invite dogs to weddings much more often…

Bild imgur“/>





So now we are exhausted. Time for a nap.


Good sleep!

Animated GIFplay gif

Oh no, stop it!

Fill out the comments column first – then take a nap! See you soon! 🙂

Washbee Tree Bonus:

For everyone who didn’t click on the snake. And for those who have.

Animated GIFplay gif


Nothing in the comments yet? Then we have some nice KNs from the archive:

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